4 Steps to Get into Twitter "World"

Twitter has fascinating me! I don't have a lot of followers and even follow a lot, but it's still fascinating. My sister use twitter, my favourite writer uses too , my friends, my ex co-workers and keep on. Three weeks ago I was talking with my Mexican friend Carlitos and He was giving me feedback about my last post that, perhaps He would agree that twitter can be a great tool to make business
and using as a platform to manage a personal branding , but not now , maybe in a very nearly future. He also told me that personal branding, according to some statistics is more accurate to works it in another tools different to Twitter. Why? "Because just a 15% of important people use this tool to inform important things or share knowledge. The rest of people use this tool just like a social tool''. So he suggest to me write how twitter can be used as business tool and not only social one. In my opinion one it's consequence on the other, I mean, for well using twitter as social tool you consequently can use as personal branding and business tool. Twitter it's like get into a relationship , in this case, a relation between you and your followers. And I believe, for example that the number one o Top Twitter users Ashton Kutcher with nothing more than 4.554.852 followers has been concentrate, at least, a little bit of his efforts to get that stats. Anyway, to get into a relationship with Twitter and than try use it as personal branding tool, such as a date, takes time and a little bit of "protocol". Here 4 general tips that could help, or give you some idea, about well spent time and efforts on Twitter.

1. Twitter under your own name.

What you usually think when your mate wants to arrange a blind date to you and don't have her first and family name (just a nickname) even a picture. Except if you trust him completely, you're going to refuse until get some extra information. Now imagine someone receiving request of followers an you're one of them with a cartoon and nickname with a lot of "-* / # ♥". They probably won't add you or even take you serious.

2. Neither Formal nor Informal: being "Smart Casual".

Suppose that everything it is OK. You got her name, photo and you have a date tonight with that girl (the blind date). She's the apple of your eyes, simply amazing. You've arrange to meet her in a cafeteria or whatever you want. You'd your hair cut, dressed your best jeans, that nice jacket, clean your shoes and use "The Perfume". Both ask questions each other, following the 'protocol' (How are you? How was your day? and keep on), when she finally says: Let me know about you. In other words, she wants you biography. She wants to know how interest you are and suddenly you find yourself in trouble because, perhaps, you have a good life, you don't know how to present yourself. Now , going back to your twitter main page. If someone were intending simply follow you, without know you, what is one of the first things to check: your main page design, including your background (your clothes), settings and any others features. You know, the first impression. . Secondly, but not less important: Who are you? (your bio). Reserve some time to write something interest, that really defines you. Takes time but it's worthwhile.

3. Don't be self-seeking

Don't be that kind of people that are only interest in having the own name branding! Follow a lot of people as strategy to gain a lot of followers it's a short term solution. This strategy makes your twitter main page polluted. Your twitter page might be clearly and concise to make your followers life easier, once that they can find what they really want: your tweets. Imagine you as a big retailer and your twitter page as if were a big outdoor. If your outdoor shows all your suppliers brands and thousands of information, hardly ever you are going to pick customer's brain. They are going to remember one or other information, but your company's name, probably not. Your twitter main page it's the same. Don't help have a lot of thoughts coming from people or companies that you're following if yours hardly ever are remembered. To deal with, you can create lists to following counts that you have specifics interest. For example: job seeking, latest news, your favourite magazine and blah blah.

4. Being your own voice!

To have a lot of followers, in my opnion, you have two paths. Being someone famous such as an actor, politician, artist, singer, CEO or producing stuff that makes you recognised for being your own voice. It's like that quote: "There's a little bit of something me in everything in you". People like contents/stuff, that identify themselves. What I would suggest it's begin for find people who share your interests or hobbies. This is like music . If you're completely POP culture, you don't buy tickets for heavy metal. For create connexion/collaboration you're already doing personal branding , once that if someone likes your tweet he's going to spread that, rsrs, I mean , Retweet you.

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