How to deal with motivational loss: Make a wish!

A couple of days ago, talking with a mate, he was upset because, perhaps he took the first degree he was not certainly about what he suppose to do with his career. To summarize, he was strongly demotivated. So, I asked to him, “What are your plans to the future?”, “What you really want?”. Seconds later, he told me very sincerely: "No idea!".

RE.SU.ME: refer, summarize and measure;

People encounter different experiences and respond to them individually. It is obviously, isn’t it? Writing a resume it is the same thing. It is quite difficult start a resume, believe I, by the fact that usually we are not prepared to respond for which situation individually and mainly that it is not a habit thinking about ourselves.

Being entrepreneur!

Recently I have been asking to myself if I have or not entrepreneurial skills! With this global financial crisis, more than ever companies have been requiring for that. This is one subject that is not news for me, perhaps improve this skill might be!

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