Being entrepreneur!

Recently I have been asking to myself if I have or not entrepreneurial skills! With this global financial crisis, more than ever companies have been requiring for that. This is one subject that is not news for me, perhaps improve this skill might be!

New subject or not I did a little research about and I guess that such as leadership, entrepreneurial skills is not only a natural talent that some people have and some don't have. Off course that some people have facility to deal with certainly things, but say that just some can't it is nonsense. I guess that being a entrepreneur it is more a question of a behavior, such as a strong feeling, but above all, believe. Yes, believe you or not, the majority of business owners that I met until today they strong believe in themselves and in their ideas as well. Also they have a high level of resilience. In business, resilience is all about keep operating during critical situations that challenge our skills as well as our emotions.

I could bring up much more characteristics and details about entrepreneurship but I would like to focus on the fact that in higher or low level, everyone can be entrepreneur with a little bit of dedication and hands-on experience.

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