Unfair Competition: the big L's of business

In the business word, being competitive is extremely important to get the best opportunities, isn't it?

What's define one competitive person?

A competitive person is someone that have a strongly desire to be more successful than others. But, we can not confusing be competitive with disloyalty. The society live a unique moment at refer about competition. Every time we need to prove our value for a company, a customer and sometimes, for ourselves. This is not easy work! The problem is that every time too, some people do not want work hard to get sustainable results and prefer use unfair competition to defeat the business rivals. Generally this person copy ideas, do not behave morally, says bad things about their workmates and occasionally tries to steal intellectual propriety. The person that uses of those methods to win, in real it is “The Great Loser”. Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to see some close cases of unreliable people, and believe, the majority of them get a bad reputation or in the worst cases, are fired.

Being fired for this reason can mean the end of the best opportunities and consequently of the big dollars. But, someone should ask about that ‘majority’, because it does not mean one hundred percent of workers are dishonest. I confess that exceptions exist, but until when, and better, what is the price? This unprofessional minority, the exceptions, that chose to get the success in this way, sooner or later, are going to ask themselves about their professional results and personal conquests in their life. Have questionable results due to unethical business practices, in my personal opinion is one of the big L's (losers) of one career.

The problem is the answer to this question probably won’t be good. Could you wake up every morning to think over your questionable results; if you are really good or just one more pretender? My best and only advice is to think about: Are you a competitive or disloyalty person?

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