Does Twitter really works as career tool?

In the big ocean of social media, Twitter it is one of the big sensations. It is almost a fever! Every ones tweet all day, from everywhere, every time, every and every, include me! I can not deny that it's really cool. But lets focus on the fact that a lot of people use Twitter as career tool, to share some thoughts, personal branding to get recognised, to expand their networking and job seeking! Does it really works?

5 Reasons to have a self-directed life plan

After a couple of weeks, I am back with new battery to try escape that rat race! How about you? Are you full of energy or just trying to survive? During the holidays I had been prepared myself psychologically for what I need face this year, that for me, it's a decisive one! Also I had been preparing my plans for 2010 and I figure out that could be a good topic to approach despite the fact that many people don't spend enough time and attention to create a self-directed life plan. Here, 5 reasons for why you should plan.

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