Does Twitter really works as career tool?

In the big ocean of social media, Twitter it is one of the big sensations. It is almost a fever! Every ones tweet all day, from everywhere, every time, every and every, include me! I can not deny that it's really cool. But lets focus on the fact that a lot of people use Twitter as career tool, to share some thoughts, personal branding to get recognised, to expand their networking and job seeking! Does it really works?
I had tried found some statistics about how many people got a job opportunity from Twitter or an interview and etc. Unfortunately I could not. However, I searched some information really interesting about, that could give us an idea. According to research carried out for the on-line company RJ Metrics, Twitter have approximately 75 millions of users, perhaps, 15 million are really active. So lets considering that a significant numbers, really active, could be (and I guess that really are) consultancies, agencies and other companies that are looking for employees. Also the portal G1, career and employment session, mention the example of agency network DIGITAS ( which one receives between 100 and 300 resumes every week comes from opportunities publicised on Twitter. Also, a large majority are hired. Adding the fact that online recruitment it's a tendency that comes to stay, it's good path.

As personal branding it is definitely correlated with get a job, Twitter I strongly believe that really works. After all, "are" 75 millions of users and it is impossible that no one wants to meet you! It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get recognised. Furthermore, bringing to the reality, I mean, not so virtual environment, in a couple of years, I think that it is become to be really normal people put in their resumes on personal details, blog address, Facebook, Linkedin, Brazen Careerist and microblogs such as Twitter.

Perhaps, depends on your purpose, off course, because in this situation, do not help use Twitter to post stupid thoughts, course words and rebel attitudes! Your behavior and consequently your tweets affect directly the Twitter potential as career tool. As I use to listen on CNN Radio, "don't get emotional about your investments". Consider Twitter as an investment. Investment on your career, personal brand and one more way to reach your goals.

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