5 Reasons to have a self-directed life plan

After a couple of weeks, I am back with new battery to try escape that rat race! How about you? Are you full of energy or just trying to survive? During the holidays I had been prepared myself psychologically for what I need face this year, that for me, it's a decisive one! Also I had been preparing my plans for 2010 and I figure out that could be a good topic to approach despite the fact that many people don't spend enough time and attention to create a self-directed life plan. Here, 5 reasons for why you should plan.

1. Helps you to identify your goals.

Having a self-directed life plan it is a good way to set up your goals. For me, identify goals it is one of the most important things to be successful. At least, people that I consider successful, setting very clear goals. Also, every time that we achieved goals our self-confidence grown up, does not matter how big it is.

2. Keep you on the right direction.

Put hands up who always follow exactly the same routine day-by-day without any changes. We are always being disturbed for little things that make us postpone events, meets, dates and etc. Then, we have approximately 365 days, 8760 hours, 525.600 minutes per year. How you intend keep on the right direction of your goals if you do not have a plan. A self-life plan gives you a parameter to be followed.

3. Avoid waste of time.

Plan it is a good way to avoid the public enemy number one of productivity: bad time management. If you do not plan your life in any level, probably you are spending time, energy and not so far money with actions/activities that are going to drive you to any results. So, if you have a self-life plan, you can save your time, energy and in many cases take your money back!

4. Maintain the motivation.

For have a plan, it is much easier maintain yourself motivated for seen that you are having progress. In other words, what you already have done and what you still need to do.

5. Good source of feedback.

Once that a year reaches the end, a self life plan it is a good source of feedback. It is a mirror of you for that year! You can check your results and external factors that made you change your plans and which course of action you took to dealt with. Furthermore, doing this kind of balance, you can improve your self-life plan for the next year, once that you can transfer goals (now already clearly) that were not achieved, add new ones and don't commit the same mistakes as before.

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