LUCK: when preparation meets opportunity.

Last Thursday I tripped to São Paulo city in order to attend a group dynamic to be a TRAINEE in a big multinational company of food sector. At that day, for four hours everyone had an opportunity to be there, to tell a little bit about yourself and participate in two case studies.

Friday, I received feedback that I couldn't go to the next step. At that moment thoughts like "Am I less smart than others?", "Am I out of luck?" or "They are luck!" came to my mind.

So, I did the process makeover, step by step in my mind looking for clues that could gave me a hint about what happened.Except for the age, we had the same major (business administration) and worked at the same area (Human Resources). But we didn't have the same background excatly and, this makes difference!

Many of them had gotten complementary skills, also were engaged in socially responsible activities and etc. They had been really worried about their resume and that attitude drove them, if no to the best results, at least, different ones. This is what really matter. In addition, about skills, no one learn it overnight. The point it's: everyone had the same opportunity; however, just a minority were really prepared for that moment, and then, happen the phenomenon that many people called "luck"; when preparation meets opportunity.

Preparation happens all the time, day by day, in a long term and, don't help get emotional about the situation as I did and wait for luck either. Meet opportunities require preparation in advance and the good point, it all depends on us.
We can start right now, in two hours, tomorrow and etc, but sooner we started it's going to be easier to meet opportunities and be a "lucky guy".

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