How to deal with motivational loss: Make a wish!

A couple of days ago, talking with a mate, he was upset because, perhaps he took the first degree he was not certainly about what he suppose to do with his career. To summarize, he was strongly demotivated. So, I asked to him, “What are your plans to the future?”, “What you really want?”. Seconds later, he told me very sincerely: "No idea!".
That moment, I told him some self esteem words. Do you know that kind of help that you can find in self-help books and do not need a friend to listen such rubbish? You only need cross the street, enter at the bookstore and it's done. I went back home thinking about and blame myself for such poor performance

So yesterday, attending conversation classes as usual, I got surprised when my English teacher ask for each of us: "Do you have wishes?". Everyone, include me, answered her. Bring up some details: my class do not have an average age. It is possible to find people between 16 to 40 years old and consequently different careers as Non-Degree, Undergraduate and Postgraduate, whatever! But considering that everyone have a career, behind the "scene" they have wishes.

At that moment I remembered the guy that I mention before. He couldn't answer me exactly what he wants and I could not help him properly. So, I figure out that I got the answer during the conversation class. All of us in certainly moment suffered or are going to suffer motivational loss and the best way to avoid that, it is: make a wish!

People that were or are admired around the world, such as politicians, philosophers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, writers and etc used to have a wish. Furthermore, does not matter if a wish it's more honourable than other, I mean, if you want a better world or a million dollar boat, it is still a wish. Having a wish it is a good reason to dealing with motivational losses. To make clearly, when I say make a wish, obviously, I'm not talking about look at the sky, wait for a shooting star and everything is going to be ok, is that clearly?

What I really mean it is, think about your own life, decisions that you took, that you are going to take and define what do you want, your wishes. Once that you define your wishes it is much easier to achieve whatever you want and keep your motivation in a high stand level.

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